Peer Education

The program is to equip  young people with EDUCATORS’ information and skills on Sexual Reproductive Health (SRHR)  as well as acquiring the necessary life skills to make informed life choices.

Resettlement of conflict-affected populations

A child uprooted from home – whether a refugee, a migrant or internally displaced – is a child first and foremost, and every child has the right to an education and good life

 It’s becoming increasingly clear that the face of this crisis in Uganda is mostly female: women and girls make up half the population on streets

Safe Water Supplies

We will make sure everyone understand that better water, toilets and hygiene are crucial for a stronger economy and healthier society. prioritising clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene, we can change normal for good.

Women Empowerment

Across the world, women and girls are at risk of violence. We must challenge the social and cultural norms that lead to women’s vulnerability.

There are structural causes of violence against women: beliefs, access to resources, and economics. Governments must do more to serve the needs of poor and excluded women, and to protect and advance their rights.