About Us

Africa for Christ Evangelistic Ministries is an indigenous ministry registered as an independent , non profit making, Non-Government Organization (NGO) founded on 10th December 1996. Its a worldwide vision inspired common denomination of Founder/ Director of the association and all people of good will to work towards the improvement and uplifting the living condition of the unprivileged in the country providing their basic needs like shelter, food, clothing etc.

We are currently operating in different locations in and around Uganda and Because it takes a village to help children escape violence, we want to work with every community to create lasting change.  We are having 400 children registered in schools in Maseese, Jinja and 300 in Mbale District.

Vision & Mission

Our mission is to reach the people of Uganda, Africa and the world with the gospel oth truth and compassion of our Lord Jesus Christ, as well as with the message of love and reconciliation to unite and develop the people of Uganda and beyond, to the standard/level conducive for sustainable socio-economic development.

ACEM has a special burden and love for the Karamojon people in Northern- Uganda, who have hardly been Evangelised (Unreached with the gospel) The ministry is working hard to reach and penetrate rural areas of Karamojong group least people right I the Manyatas and kraals (Home stead were native Karamojong dwell)

Our vision is to work towards the spread and uplifting of the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ and Living conditions of the people Uganda, Africa and the world at large. Fulfiling the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ

Key Interventions


Clean Water


Where we work

ACEM has teams in over 9 districts in Northern Uganda, changing millions of lives every year with the gospel of Jesus Christ , Resettleing women and children, Supply of clean and safe water, Women empowerment and many more